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Conference Tips

Conducting a thorough Site Inspection

Whether you use a venue finding company or do the research yourself, you still need to inspect your preferred venues. You will know your conference or meeting objectives, your attendee demographics, program design, meeting formats and social activity requirements.

Your venue site inspection will assess each venue on how it meets all of your requirements. Consideration needs to be given to not only the physical condition of the venue but also the logistics.

  • Access to conference room
  • Location of dining and accommodation
  • Quality and standard of food and conference break refreshments
  • Is it safe for delegates to walk around at night?
  • Are the areas well lit?
  • Presentation of venue staff
  • Flexibility in attitude of venue staff
  • Will your group fit in the conference room with room to spare?
  • Standard of conference room equipment
  • Comfort of chairs

One of the best ways to assess how the venue will meet your needs is to write out a list of all the things that are important to you and your group and score each one out of ten at each venue. At the start of each venue inspection you should advise the person who is showing you around that you will be taking notes.

Then you will have your personal experiences to consider in rating the venues and a score for each area of importance to your group's objectives. Remember to ask for at least 3 references of companies that have recently used the venue. Choosing the right venue will impact on the outcome of your conference so you need to be thorough in your assessment.

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